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❗The Importance of Breast Screening❗

The uptake of NHS breast screening in the UK has fallen short of the 70% target for the 4th consecutive year. In 2023 just 64.6% of women attended their breast screening appointment meaning that more than a third did not take up the potentially lifesaving offer. According to Breast Cancer Now, 1,311 more cases of the disease could have been detected if the target was met.

💬 Feedback from our Breast Friends community highlights just some of reasons people may choose not to attend their screening appointment including:

1️⃣ Fear and anxiety: Some may feel anxious or fearful about the screening process or what the results might reveal.

2️⃣ Lack of awareness: Some may not fully understand the importance of breast screening or may underestimate their risk of developing breast cancer.

3️⃣ Busy schedules: With hectic lifestyles, people may struggle to find time to attend appointments, especially if they perceive themselves as healthy or low-risk.

4️⃣ Misconceptions: There are common misconceptions about breast screening, including concerns about pain, discomfort, or radiation exposure.

Early detection can significantly improve outcomes and save lives. Here at Breast Friends, we're on a mission to do our bit to address the barriers and encourage everyone that is eligible for screening to attend their appointment.


NHS England

Breast Cancer Now

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